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Civil Rights and Labor (CRL)
Civil Rights and Labor (CRL)

Civil Rights and Labor (CRL)

About AASHTOWare Project™ Civil Rights and Labor (CRL)

AASHTOWare Project™ Civil Rights and Labor (CRL) is ODOT's system for collecting certified payrolls and subcontractor payments. Data received from external contractors replaces hard copy, manual processes and eases tracking of civil rights and prevailing wage compliance functions historically maintained via antiquated methods.

The system supports ODOT's civil rights and prevailing wage compliance functions and provides contractors electronic access to submit certified payrolls and subcontractor payments. It provides a faster, easier, and more accurate way for contractors to meet reporting requirements.

Tools and Templates

The tools and templates below will help contractors in submitting payroll information into AASHTOWare Project™ Civil Rights and Labor (CRL). Contractors with payroll systems should refer to the XML Resources Toolkit, while contractors without payroll systems should use the ODOT-provided Excel template.


XML Resource Kit

For contractors with payroll systems


Payroll Excel Template

For contractors without payroll systems


Template Converter

To convert Excel template to XML before uploading to CRL


XML Validator

To validate XML files before uploading to CRL


 CRL Support


Learn More About CRL

Vendor Resources

Contractor (Vendor ID) Look-Up
Project ID Look-Up
Missing Sub Payments/Signatures
Prompt Pay Subcontractor Report
Payment Records & DBE Commitments
Error & ImportPayrollFile Logs
Sub Payment - Payer’s Deletion Request
Frequently Asked Questions