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Consignment Agreement and Policy

Consignment Agreements

A consignment agreement is an agreement between the Department and a vendor which holds a purchasing contract with the Department. Under a consignment agreement, the vendor may stock a contract item at an ODOT location before ODOT purchases the item. Below is the process by which these agreements are made. 

  • Prior to signing a consignment agreement, there must first be an ODOT purchasing contract entered into by the Director through the Office of Contracts.  The individual purchasing contract, for which the consignment agreement is to be entered into, must provide for the possibility of a consignment agreement.  If the individual purchasing contract does not provide for the possibility of a consignment agreement, a consignment agreement may not be entered into.   
  • All consignment agreements must first be completed by the District or ODOT location that requests to enter into a consignment agreement. 
  • The completed consignment agreement shall then be signed by the vendor. 
    • If a vendor would like to propose a change to the language in the consignment agreement prior to signing, the change shall be proposed in an addendum to the consignment agreement with the new language. 
    • The District or ODOT location will send the draft consignment agreement and the proposed changes to Office of Contracts, Purchasing Section.  The Office of Contracts will determine whether to accept or reject the proposed changes.  
      • If the proposed changes are accepted, the Office of Contracts will contact the vendor and ask the vendor to sign the revised consignment agreement. 
      • If the proposed language is rejected, the Office of Contracts will work with the vendor to draft language that is acceptable to both parties, if possible.   
      • After the vendor has signed the consignment agreement, it should be sent to the Office of Contracts.  The Office of Contracts will assign a consignment agreement number in accordance with the appropriate purchasing contract.  For example, the first consignment agreement for contract 188-07 will be numbered 188-07-01.  
      • The Director will sign the consignment agreement and a signed copy will be forwarded to the vendor, the District or ODOT location, and the Office of Contracts to be filed in the appropriate purchasing contract file. 

Use the yellow DOWNLOAD button to access the current ODOT/Vendor Purchasing Consignment Agreement Form