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Our goal is to provide a bridge inspection and inventory data management system that supports bridge professionals to consistently monitor and effectively preserve the quality of Ohio's bridges.

AssetWise is an inventory and appraisal data collection system for bridges in Ohio. AssetWise is hosted on Bentley servers and available 24/7 to all inspectors and engineers who are authorized to collect asset data. AssetWise can be accessed through the web and also using a collection App, InspectTech Collector, downloadable on their iPad from the Apple App Store.

To launch AssetWise, click on the green link button Launch AssetWise Application (in the top right hand corner on desktops and under FAQs on mobile) or type the address https://ohiodot-it.bentley.com in your browser address bar. All the requests for support and questions about AssetWise should be sent to AssetWise Support Email: assetwise.support@dot.ohio.gov.

Click on the menu headings below to explore the documentation, forms and video tutorials.

AssetWise Change Request Forms

Select and complete the appropriate form below when you require a role-security change or a structure files number (SFN) status change. Direct questions to assetwise.support@dot.ohio.gov in completing the forms.

User Change Requests

SFN Change Requests

AssetWise Video Tutorials

Watch the video tutorials to familiarize yourself with the product and to supplement the manual.

And to keep up with the video playlist Subscribe to AssetWise Tutorial Series on Transcript TV - ODOT.