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Traffic Operation Assessment Systems Tool (TOAST)

ODOT’s mission is to provide easy movement of people and goods from place to place.  In order to continue this mission, Ohio is currently undergoing a shift in focus toward a more operationally centered mindset for our transportation system.  Through our new Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) plan and program, we are working to maximize the efficiency and safety of our current transportation network.

In an effort to make data-driven decisions and determine operationally sensitive corridors throughout the state, we have developed the Traffic Operations Assessment Systems Tool (TOAST).

About TOAST Data Calculations

  • Routes are segmented into the State Priority System with breaks at the urban area boundaries, interchange center points, and road functional class changes.
  • Multiple data categories make up TOAST. For each category, data ranges were normalized into values of 0-10, then multiplied by a weighting factor.
  • The total score for a route is calculated as a percent based on the score for each category divided by the total possible maximum score. 

In general, the higher the percent, the better the route is performing; whereas, the lower the percent, the more likely a route is to benefit from application of TSMO strategies.

TOAST Data Category Descriptions

Travel Time Performance

Percent of time motorists can travel at or near (90%) of the reference speed (free-flow speed defined by data provider).


A potential bottleneck is detected when speeds on a segment drop to 65% of reference speeds and cause at least a two-minute delay.

TSMO Safety 

A route’s safety performance based on the impact of crashes in the corridor.

Incident Clearance

The time from report of an incident until the entire scene is cleared.

Secondary Crashes

Percent of crashes that occurred as a result of a previous incident.

Volume Per Lane

Calculated based on a weighted average for each segment.

Freight Corridors

Weighted average of percent trucks (average daily truck volume ÷ average daily total volume).

Safety Performance

A route’s potential for safety improvement by density based on its peer group.


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