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Geotechnical Engineering

Our mission is to provide geotechnical services and support for the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of a safe, accessible transportation system for the people of Ohio.

The office includes the following sections:

  • Foundations and Retaining Walls Section is responsible for oversight of AASHTO LRFD design of structures foundations and retaining walls, and foundations and retaining wall related items in the ODOT Bridge Design Manual. It also oversees the retaining wall system approval process and the retaining wall inventory.
  • Roadway and Geohazards Section is responsible for oversight of the design of earthwork, rock slopes, geohazard remediation, and roadway subgrade on ODOT projects. This section also oversees the geohazard inventories, comprised of landslides, rock slopes and abandoned underground mines, and the digital georeferencing of historic geotechnical data.
  • Exploration and Laboratory Section plans and performs all field explorations in accordance with the Specifications for Geotechnical Explorations (SGE), employing multiple drilling crews and drill rig types, geophysical methods, cone penetration testing (CPT), automated dynamic cone penetration (ADCP), and hand operated equipment.  This section also operates an AASHTO re:source accredited laboratory, where soil and bedrock samples are processed and tested in accordance with AASHTO and ASTM test requirements.  All exploration reports, logs, and Soil Profiles are generated in this section.


Christopher Merklin, P.E.Administrator
(614) 275-1361 

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