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100 - General Information

Published: July 15, 2022

101 Purpose of Exploration

The purpose of the geotechnical exploration is to provide geotechnical-related surface and subsurface information necessary for the planning, design, and construction of the project.

102 Project Development Process

The ODOT Project Development Process (PDP) is a phased approach to developing a transportation project from concept to completion. The PDP classifies transportation projects into one of five paths, based on the complexity of the project work. An overview of the entire PDP is contained in the Project Development Process Manual. Geotechnical design review submissions are detailed in Section 700 of this manual.

The Project Initiation Package (PIP) is intended to provide a summary or overview of potential issues and concerns that could create major scope, schedule, or cost issues during project development. Knowing about and avoiding problematic issues will save time and money. The PIP is produced early in the Planning Phase by the ODOT District Staff and is required for projects following Paths 2-5.

103 Exploration Tasks

The extent of exploration is limited to the acquisition of geotechnical data for geotechnical conditions and properties that affect the plans, designs, and construction of ODOT transportation projects, or existing ODOT transportation infrastructure and associated appurtenances. The geotechnical exploration is comprised of four primary tasks and applies to roadway, bridges, retaining walls, miscellaneous structures, and geohazards. The exploration of geohazards is limited to only those conditions warranted, which could affect ODOT transportation plans, designs, construction or existing infrastructure assets. For some projects, some of these tasks may need to be performed on a preliminary basis for planning purposes.  The four tasks are as follows:

  • Reconnaissance and Planning
  • Boring, Sampling, and Field Testing
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Geotechnical Exploration Report

For guidance on performing some of these tasks and geotechnical analyses, please refer to Geotechnical Bulletins and other manuals prepared by the Office of Geotechnical Engineering.

104 Consultant Prequalification

ODOT maintains prequalification requirements for geotechnical engineering laboratories, field exploration services, drilling inspection services, and the performance of geotechnical engineering services. Prequalification requirements are set out in the ODOT Consultant Prequalification Requirements and Procedures. The ODOT Specifications for Consulting Services stipulates that consultants must be prequalified to perform these services, and further states that these services cannot be subcontracted to a non-prequalified firm. On local government projects that utilize federal funds, ODOT requires consultants hired by local governments be prequalified.

105 Review of the Plans

The consultant will ensure any plans submitted to ODOT for review according to the ODOT staged review process are reviewed by the registered engineer(s) responsible for preparation of the Geotechnical Exploration Report prior to submittal to ODOT. The registered engineer responsible for preparation of the Geotechnical Exploration Report is required to submit letters certifying their review of the Stage 2 and Final plan sets, and these letters will be included in the Stage 2 and Final Plan Set submissions to ODOT. Certification letter templates can be found in the Appendix and on the OGE website.