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Conduit Management

The Conduit Management Manual (CMM) is meant to aid in the inventory and inspection of culverts and storm sewers under state highways.

Published: April 21, 2021

The ODOT Conduit Management Manual (CMM) provides guidelines for the inventory and inspection of conduits with a span less than 10 feet measured parallel to the centerline of the highway. The intent is to provide a mechanism to aid in the inventory and inspection of conduits that are not inspected according to the ODOT Manual of Bridge Inspection. While primarily focused on culverts, storm drains and bridges with a span less than 10 feet are included. This manual provides a regular and systematic approach to aid in the inspection of these conduits in the interest of public safety and to protect the public’s investment through routine maintenance.

The CMM was created via a joint effort between the Office of Structural Engineering and the 12 ODOT District Offices to establish policies and procedures for conduit inventory and inspection. The CMM is now maintained by The Office of Hydraulic Engineering (OHE). All questions, comments, and suggestions should be communicated to the OHE.

This manual is intended to be used in conjunction with the ODOT ESRI Collector Application. The Collector Application, configured by the Office of Technical Services, is the mobile data collection application used to collect inventory and inspection data.


Mike McColeman, P.E., Roadway Hydraulic Engineer

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Table of Contents

  •   Glossary of Terms

  •   Conduit Inventory

  •   Conduit Inspection

  •   Conduit Management Recommendations

  •   References

  •   Appendix A: Measurements of Corrugated Metal Conduits

  •   Appendix B: Forms

  •   Appendix C: Abrasion Level Pictures

  •   Appendix D: Material Pictures

  •   Appendix E: Pipe Charts