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CDSS Design Software

CDSS is an ODOT-developed computer design program for culvert design, inlet spacing, and ditch design.

To download the program, download and install the set-up files by clicking the green LAUNCH button on this page. For instructions, system requirements, and guidance, refer to the program user manual by clicking the yellow DOWNLOAD button on this page.

After installing CDSS, ensure the default parameter files are replaced with the Revised CDSS Parameter Files, included under the Additional Downloads box on this page. The revised files are not included with the installation package and must be updated after the software is installed.

Revised Parameter Files

The CDSS parameter files have been updated to reflect the following changes:

Complete the following steps to update the parameter files for CDSS:

  1. From the web, right click on links in the Additional Downloads box and select “Save target as” (“Save link as” in Chrome).
  2. Save the file at the following location: C:\Program Files (x86)\ODOT\CDSS

CDSS, Step 2

  1. Browse to the location where the file was saved in step 2. Rename the previous parameter file “AppParametersOld.xml” to designate it as the out of date version. Change the name of the updated file to “AppParameters.xml” to designate it as the current version.
    • Note: You will want to keep the “AppParametersOld.xml” file if you are currently working on any projects utilizing the previous IDF Curves. Otherwise, the out of date file can simply be deleted instead of renaming as in step 3 above. Ensure whichever file is to be used by CDSS is named “AppParameters.xml” in order for the program to use the correct data.

CDSS, Step 3

  1. Repeat the above steps to update the “UniversalCulvertParameters.xml” file at the same location as in step 2. For this update, the previous version of the file can simply be deleted. Rename the “UniversalCulvertParameters2014.xml” to “UniversalCulvertParameters.xml”.

Feel free to contact the Office of Hydraulic Engineering for additional assistance.