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Real Estate Manual

Manuals and procedures on railroad coordination, cost estimating, certification, right-of-way (ROW, R/W), appraisal, acquisition, relocation, property management, and utilities.

The Real Estate Manual is a “living document” as procedure will evolve and change. Individuals or firms providing various services to the Office of Real Estate (e.g. negotiations, titles, appraisal, appraisal review, relocation, relocation review, closing, property management, railroad coordination utility relocation and permit application) must perform these services in compliance with current published policies and procedures. Individuals utilizing a hard copy version of the manual, without accessing the website for updates, risk providing non-compliant services to the Office of Real Estate. Therefore, all users must be aware of the changes as various sections of the manual are updated.

ODOT will provide notice of manual changes via email notification. Visit each section below and input your email address to request email updates.

The Office of Real Estate may also provide additional guidance to its procedures by Inter-Office Communications (IOC’s). These communications will be made a part of the Real Estate Manual and will be found in the Addenda of each section of the manual.

Table of Contents

  •   1000 - Railroad Coordination Policy & Procedures Manual

  •   2000 - Cost Estimating and Certification

  •   3000 - Right-of-Way

  •   4000 - Appraisal

  •   5000 - Acquisition

  •   6000 - Relocation

  •   7000 - Property Management

  •   8000 - Utilities