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3000 - Right-of-Way

The Right-of-Way Manual provides and promotes uniform procedures, standards, and continuity when designing right-of-way plans.
The purpose of the Right of Way Manual is to instruct and guide both the experienced and inexperienced Right of Way Plan Designer and Reviewer. This Manual does not exempt the professional from performing responsible surveying and/or engineering work. It is intended to provide and promote uniform procedures, standards, and continuity when designing right of way plans.

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Table of Contents

  •   3100 - Right-of-Way Plan Manual

  •   3200 - Types of Title to be Acquired Manual

  •   3300 - Legal Description Manual

  •   Appendix A: Sample Plans

  •   Appendix A: Legend Sheet

  •   Appendix B: Glossary

  •   Appendix C: Laws Governing Right-of-Way

  •   Appendix D: Survey Certification

  •   Appendix E: Plat Legal Description

  •   Appendix F: Affidavit of Correction

  •   Appendix G: Sample Temporary Release

  •   Appendix H: Right-of-Way Plan Checklist

  •   Appendix I: Right-of-Way Field Review Checklist

  •   Appendix J: Right-of-Way Description Checklist

  •   Appendix K: Monument Setting Policy

  •   Memorandum of Understanding: Monument Setting/Resetting

  •   Monument Setting/Resetting Procedure

  •   Ohio Roadway Laws Governing ROW Width

  •   RX Forms

  •   Plan Reading Manual