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Appendix D: Survey Certification

The information contained in the sample certifications is required by ORC 4733.14.  It is expected that the involved surveyor’s will modify the certification language to suit the circumstance of a given project.

Surveyor certifications are required for all right of way projects that involve:

  • Acquisition of additional right of way,
  • Establishment or reestablishment of the centerline of right of way, or
  • Retracement of existing boundary lines,
  • Legal Descriptions prepared for right of way plans

The following sheet present standard clauses that should be used by the Professional Surveyor to clarify the work that they are certifying and the level of accuracy used. Each Professional Surveyor doing work on a project shall certify and seal the plan for the work they are responsible for.  Depending on the circumstances there may only be one person certifying and sealing a plan or there may be several individuals. 

The sample certification titled “Right of Way Plan Certification” is to be used when one individual has responsibility for the entire (existing and proposed) Right of Way Plan.

If Subsurface Utility Location is done by a third party then the third party will need to certify and seal the plan noting the work that was performed.

The certification shown on the following pages with an explanation of the items that may need to be modified on a project by project basis.

Right of Way Plan Certification

  1. I, (Surveyor’s Name) have conducted a survey of the existing conditions for the Ohio Department of Transportation on (Date). The results of that survey are contained herein. 
  2. Underground utility locations are shown for informational purposes only. Their location as marked on the ground by the utility company or their representatives per Ohio811 Confirmation Number (00000x00) were surveyed and mapped as a part of this project. I followed Ohio811 Utility Damage Prevention laws and have no direct knowledge or control of how these marks were placed, nor knowledge of the accuracy as to their intended depiction of subsurface utility facilities.  
  3. See the affixed Survey Parameters note for the horizontal and vertical survey parameters used for this project.
  4. As a part of this project I have reestablished the locations of the existing boundary lines and centerline of existing Right of Way for property takes contained herein. 
  5. As a part of this project I have established the proposed boundary lines, calculated the Gross Take, present roadway occupied (PRO), Net Take and Net Residue; as well as prepared the legal descriptions necessary to acquire the parcels as shown herein.  
  6. As a part of this work, right of way monuments will be set at the locations shown herein per the Memorandum of Understanding between the Board of Registration for Engineers and Surveyors and the Ohio Department of Transportation dated 9-22-2010.
  7. All of my work contained herein was conducted in accordance with the Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 4733-37 Standards for Boundary Surveys unless so noted.
  8. The words “I” and “my” as used herein are to mean that either myself or someone working under my direct supervision.

Surveyor’s Name, Professional Surveyor Registration Number,
Company Name

Date: __________________                    ________________________
Notes as to changes that may need to be made to Right of Way Plan Certification:

  1. The Certifying individual needs to insert their name and change the date to reflect the date of  their survey.
  2. This paragraph may be omitted if Utility Locations have been provided by a third party.  However, that third party also needs to certify and seal the plan as to their methodology for locating the utilities.  If you are certifying the locations of the utilities, this paragraph will need to be modified to reflect your methodology.  Also, the Ohio811 Confirmation number will need to be entered.  This information may be included as a separate note with the utility ownership information.
  3. This paragraph needs to be modified to reflect how the coordinates for the project were determined, what  coordinate system was used, what control points were used, and the appropriate project adjustment factor.
  4. No changes are needed in this paragraph.
  5. No changes are needed in this paragraph.
  6. No changes are needed in this paragraph.
  7. The Certifying individual may wish to add notes to this paragraph explaining any abridgement to OAC 4733-37.
  8. No changes are needed in this paragraph.

* *    The Certifying individual may rearrange these items to suit the space on the plans.