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Appendix F: Affidavit of Correction

Affidavit of Correction

I, John J Doe, hereby state that right-of-way take for parcel 94WLR and the ownership of parcel 69, pages 6, 11, 13, 28, 32, 43, 45 and 49 of the Ohio Department of Transportation - Project ATH-33-30.98, recorded in Plat Envelopes 514 A & B of the Athens County Recorders Office, shall be changed and made part of the permanent record. The recorder shall cause to be made a notation on the original plat.

Signature of Affiant
John J Doe, P.S.

This document was prepared by John Noah Luck for the Ohio Department of Transportation, District 1

Sworn to and before me
Notary Public

Sample Cover Letter for Affidavit of Correction

November 29, 2019

Local County Recorder
Local Courthouse
Wherever, Ohio 99999

Dear County Recorder:

Please find attached an Affidavit of Correction. This Affidavit pertains to ODOT project MEG-124- 31.57, recorded in Plat Records 4, Page 453 of Meigs County.

Please record this Affidavit and make marginal entries in the blanks provided on sheet 3 (list all sheets that it pertains to) of the above plans to direct people to it.

Thank you for your help in this matter.


John J Doe
District Real Estate Administrator