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Appendix G: Sample Temporary Release

Release of Temporary Right of Way

I, the affiant, am hereby stating that:

Construction of Ohio Department of Transportation - Project ATH-33-30.98 is complete.

Temporary Right-of-Way take for parcel (List all T-Parcels) of the Ohio Department of Transportation - Project ATH-33-30.98, recorded in Plat Envelopes 514 A & B of the Athens County Recorders Office, are no longer needed and are hereby released.

The Athens County Recorder shall cause to be made (a) notation(s) of this release in the blank(s) provided on the Summary of Additional Right of Way Sheet(s) in the original plat, recorded as stated above.

Signature of Affiant
John J Doe, P.E.

This document was prepared by John Doe for the Ohio Department of Transportation, District 1

Sworn to and before me
Notary Public

Sample Cover Letter for Release of Temporary Right-of-Way

November 29, 2019

Local County Recorder
Local Courthouse
Wherever, Ohio 99999

Dear County Recorder:

Please find attached a Release of Temporary Right of Way. This Release pertains to ODOT project MEG 124-31.57, recorded in Plat Records 4, Page 453 of Meigs County.

Please record this Release and make entries in the blanks provided on sheet 3 of the above plans to direct people to this Release.

Thank you for your help in this matter.


John Doe
District Real Estate Administrator