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Traffic Engineering Manual (TEM)

A consolidation of ODOT traffic engineering policies, guidelines, standards and best practices.

Published: July 15, 2022

The Traffic Engineering Manual (TEM) has been developed to assure uniformity in application of ODOT traffic engineering policies, guidelines, standards and practices. The OMUTCD establishes the basic, minimum traffic control standards for any street, highway, bikeway or private road open to public travel in Ohio, and all supplemental ODOT traffic engineering design, construction and operations related information is either contained in the TEM or referenced from it.

This Manual contains standards, policies, etc. established for use in ODOT work; however, various situations will present themselves where engineering knowledge, experience and judgment will have to be used to determine how to apply the information included herein to specific situations. Comments, questions and proposed revisions should be submitted to the ODOT Office of Roadway Engineering, Design Standards Section. Email and telephone contact information is also available online.

Did you know you can search the full online manual using CTRL + F, just like a PDF? To search the entire manual on one page, visit the TEM Search Page.

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