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Guidelines for Traffic Control in Work Zones - Pocket Guide


This pocket guide summarizes some guidelines established in the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OMUTCD). It contains basic principles, a description of the standard traffic control devices used in work areas and traffic incident management areas, guidelines for the application of the devices, and typical application diagrams. Information concerning proper flagging is also presented.

The information in this guide is intended to provide the principles of proper temporary traffic control, but is not a standard. Part 6 of the Ohio Manual of Traffic Control (OMUTCD) contains the standards for temporary traffic control.

The pocket guide is available as a .pdf and as a mobile device application for viewing or downloading.

The latest version of this publication is dated September 2014; however, the only differences between this version and the one dated April 2012, are:

  • Two references to "Office of Traffic Engineering" (with office phone number) have been replaced with "Office of Roadway Engineering" (with a new phone number). [Please use the phone numbers below for ordering this publication.]
  • On page 6, the Taper Length table has been expanded to include entries for  30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 mph; and
  • On page 17, the Tapers and Flagger Station Distances table has been expanded to include an entry for 70 mph, and the row for 20 mph has been deleted.


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Legal Authority

This guide supplements the temporary traffic control standards and guidelines established in the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OMUTCD).

Additional Information

This pocket guide is directed to state and local government road and street departments, utilities, companies performing construction by permit, and any other entity providing maintenance or construction on a public roadway. Please note that there is a Known Errors List posted for the OMUTCD on the website for that publication, and there are a few items on that list that involve OMUTCD Part 6, Temporary Traffic Control, and therefore, this pocket guide.

This pocket guide is no longer being printed and is unavailable for ordering. See the Download tab for other ways to access this pocket guide.