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Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL)

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Discretionary Grant Opportunities

This web page and accompanying document download under Attachment provide information about the discretionary grant opportunities included in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). The information included here and in the downloadable document will be updated as more program implementation details are released by the USDOT. Grant opportunities are organized by the modal agency that will be administering the grant. Below are some additional details about the information that is included in the document, and scroll down to see current grant opportunities open for solicitation. 

Visit transportation.ohio.gov/bil often to ensure you're up-to-date and not missing a thing.

Basic Program Information

For each grant opportunity, the first page is intended as an overview of the grant program. It includes basic information about the program, funding, and eligible applicants. Specific funding and match requirements are listed if they were included in BIL.

Program Funding

Program funding is broken into funding that BIL appropriated (either Highway Trust Fund or General Fund) and subject to appropriation funding. The subject to appropriation funding is highlighted in yellow in the document as it is not guaranteed and still needs a congressional action to be made available.

Eligible Applicants

The types of applicants listed are the most common applicants but are not exhaustive. For example, the Nationally Significant Federal Lands and Tribal Projects Program does not have any eligible boxes checked. However, Tribal Governments and Federal Lands Agencies are eligible applicants. The types of applicants was limited to common applicants due to space constraints, but the full listing is available upon request.

Eligible Projects and Selection Criteria

After reviewing the first page of a grant opportunity it is determined that the program is of interest, the document under Attachment provides more details on eligible projects and the selection criteria that will be used. This section is based on the information included in BIL. These sections will be updated as more details are published by USDOT.

Current Solicitations for BIL

Program & NOFO Link



Appalachian Regional Initiative for Stronger Economies (ARISE)



Charging and Fueling Infrastructure  $700,000,000 6/13/2023
Reduction of Truck Emissions at Port Facilities $160,000,000 6/26/2023
Safe Streets and Roads for All  $1,177,213,000 7/10/2023
Interstate Rail Compacts Grant Program $5,815,800 7/10/2023
Airport Improvement Program Discretionary Grants $1,500,000,000 7/14/2023
Passenger Ferry Grant Program $50,100,000 7/17/2023
Ferry Service for Rural Communities $170,000,000 7/17/2023
Wildlife Crossing Pilot Program $111,850,000 8/1/2023
Protect $848,000,000 8/18/2023
Clean School Bus $400,000,000 8/22/2023

LAST UPDATED: May 19, 2023