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Frequently Asked Questions

Ohio Special Hauling Permits FAQs


Q. When do I need a Special Hauling Permit?

  1. Ohio Revised Code Sections 5577.04 and 5577.05  (and as found in ODOT's  FORM OS-8 "LEGAL DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT LIMITS FOR HIGHWAY VEHICLES"specify the maximum size and weight allowable that does NOT require an Ohio Special Hauling Permit.

If you exceed any of those values AND

  • you desire to travel on an Ohio State highway or a US highway or an Interstate highway in Ohio, you will need an Ohio Special Hauling Permit.
  • you desire to travel on the Ohio Turnpike, contact their office (440) 971-2043 ) for information.
  • you desire to travel on county routes, township routes, or city streets, contact those agencies (Ohio Counties, Ohio Cities)

Q:  How do I obtain an Ohio Special Hauling Permit?

  1. You first need to have on file at the Columbus Permit Office a current OS-32 Rev 10/08 "ENDORSEMENT TO LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICY FOR VEHICLES OPERATING WITH A SPECIAL HAULING PERMIT" completed and signed by your insurance company. Please make sure a current mailing address is listed on the OS-32 for you/your company.

You next need to apply for the permit. You may do that in one of 4 ways:

  1. Telephone a Permit Service Company (found usually in the phone book under "Truck Permit Services".
      There is also a list at - Permit Service Companies.

  2. Complete and mail an OS-1 application and the correct fee to ODOT. Address is shown on the OS-1.

  3. Walk into the ODOT Columbus Permit Office.

  4. Obtain an direct login internet account for the Ohio Hauling Permits System. Guidance on accessing the OHSP system is available here.

Permit applications CAN NOT be accepted by phone, fax or e-mail by the ODOT Permit Office.  Permit Service Companies may accept your application by these methods.

Q:   What is the cost for an Ohio Special Hauling Permit?

A:   The fee for a permit varies by permit type. Click here for a complete FEE SCHEDULE. If ordering through a Permit Service Company, they will have their own handling fee in addition to the State of Ohio Fee.


Insurance Questions

​Q:   What type of insurance do I need?

A:   Automobile insurance.

Q.   How much insurance do I need?

A.  A minimum of $500,000.00 property damage liability.

Q.   Who has to complete and sign the OS-32?

A.   The insurance company. In some cases, they may allow the agent to complete and sign the OS-32 form.

Q.   Can I fax the OS-32 form?

A.  The prefered method is to have the Insurance carrier e-mail the OS-32 to Hauling.Permits@dot.state. oh.us . However, the OS-32 form may be faxed to 614-728-4098. Please note: In either case (e-mail or fax), the OS-32 must be sent directly from the insurance company or authorized insurance agent to ODOT.  They do not need to follow through with the original.

Q.   Do I have to submit a new OS-32 every year?

A.   No, if the insurance company marked the OS-32 ending date as "UNTIL CANCELLED".  If the OS-32 is not so marked, then the OS-32 expires 12:01 AM (the midnight morning) of the "UNTIL" date specified  (NOTE --- THIS MEANS THE INSURANCE IS NOT EFFECTIVE ON THE "UNTIL" DATE ).  Permits will not be issued beyond the dates specified on the OS-32.  If an OS-32's is cancelled prior to the original ending effective date, any outstanding permits will be voided.

Q.   What if I am self-insured?

A.   You will then need to have a Surety bond form completed and forward to us with a copy of your Self-Insured certificate.

Q.   Will you accept a certificate of insurance?

A.   No, we will only accept the OS-32 form or the Surety Bond.  One of these forms is required by law to be on file before a Special Hauling Permit can be issued. This is in accordance with Sections 5501:2-1-01 to 501:2-1-12 of the Ohio Administrative Code and Section 4513.34 of the Ohio Revised code.

Q.   What is the difference between a certificate and the OS-32?

A.   The OS-32 contains contractual language that the certificate does not.

Q.   What is required if my company name, address, telephone, or Federal ID changes?

1.Changes to your company name or company address require a new OS-32 from your insurance company and a brief letter from you (which may be faxed) .

2.For changes to your telephone or Federal ID, you may simply call our Columbus office with the new information.
NOTE - If your company name, which appears on the hauling permit, is not your correct name, your special hauling permit may be VOIDED and the vehicle operator subject to enforcement actions.

Permit Specific Questions

​Q:  Can I move anything with an Ohio Special Hauling Permit?

A:   No only certain loads are eligible. See the "OPERATIONAL GUIDE" at this website.

Q:  My Ohio Special Hauling Permit shows me routed I-270 but my permit says not to go inside Columbus Outerbelt (I-270). What do I do?

A:  Follow assigned route on the Hauling Permit traveling on I-270 (as indicated). You may NOT go inside the I-270 outerbelt on any route. Please note that US 40 interchanges at I-270 at Milemarker 7 on the west side of Columbus and at Milemarker 41 on the east side of Columbus. Exiting at Milemarker 7 and travelling east on US 40 is prohibited. Exiting at Milemarker 41 and travelling west on US 40 is also prohibited. Please beware that if you are travelling from the west side of Columbus to the east side on I-270 south of Columbus and your permit has you exiting on US 40 or State Route 16, you must remain in the extreme right lane, otherwise you will miss the exit at Exit 41B.   

Q: Why were my routes changed from what I asked for?

A:  Routing may have been changed to avoid construction, width, weight or height restrictions. Technicians will assign the most direct,  adequate route available.

Q:   My Ohio Special Hauling Permit says "An OSHP escort may be substituted for one of the private escorts if agreed to by OSHP". What does that mean?

A:  Your permit calls for two private escorts to accompany the load during movement. If you wish, you may travel with one private escort and one Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) escort if the OSHP has a Trooper available and are willing to escort the load.

Q:   Can I leave the permitted route for food, fuel, rest, or other reasons?

A:   YES.  The permittee is authorized to exit the permitted route at any State Highway intersection for food, fuel, rest, or repair provided that the hauler does not travel more than 5,280 feet (1 mile) from the interchange (measured as a lane mile from the junction of the off ramp) and does not cross under (if permitted height exceeds 13 feet 6 inches) or over any structure (structure is defined as anything 10 feet wide or greater). When re-entering the permitted route, the permittee must abide by the same restrictions as when exiting the permitted route. By traveling more than 5,280 feet (1 mile) or crossing over or under (if permitted height exceeds 13 feet 6 inches) any structure the permittee will be considered off route. In the event that the permittee travels beyond the one mile limit, crosses a structure within the one mile variance, or violates any other provision of the permit, the permittee is in violation and subject to applicable fines and penalties. The permittee should have the ability to see the facility where they are stopping from the permitted route. ODOT recommends that the permittee familiarize themselves with the various exits and entrances they may choose.