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Form OS-32 - Endorsement of Liability Insurance Policy

Form OS-32 - Endorsement of Liability Insurance Policy for Vehicles Operating with a Special Hauling Permit as Issued by the Ohio Department Of Transportation

Access the "Fillable PDF Version of the OS-32 Form" option to download this form

Instructions for completing the OS-32 form (Rev. 10-08)

If any of the information is missing or incorrect – the filing will not be accepted and the insured will not be able to obtain a Special Hauling Permit until the corrected form is received.

The form may be sent to us by fax or mail. When faxing the form, please include a cover sheet with your name, phone number and fax number in case we need to return for more information.


  1. Issued to (Insured/Applicant) – Enter the name of the insured. If there is more than one name on the policy, ask your insured what name they want to appear on their Special Hauling Permits and enter that name.
  2. Of (Address) – Enter the Insured’s complete mailing address. We need the address where they can receive mail if this is different from their physical address. Must include the street address or PO Box, city, state and zip.
  3. Insured’s Telephone Number – Enter the insured’s telephone number including area code.
  4. Amending Policy Number – Enter the policy number of the automobile insurance. In some instances, general liability insurance will be accepted (e.g. self-propelled cranes).
  5. Effective From (Date) – Enter either the start date of the policy or the date you want this form to be in effect. If post dated, the insured will not be able to get a permit outside of the dates on the form.
  6. Until 12:01 A.M. – Enter the expiration date of the policy; the date you want this form to expire, or Continuous Until Cancelled. A cancellation notice is required with 30 days notice only if you want the form to be cancelled before the expiration date listed on the form. There is no minimum time frame that must be listed, although our shortest permit is valid for five (5) days.
  7. Name of Insurance Company (Insurer) – Enter the name of the automobile insurance carrier – not the insurance agent/agency.
  8. Countersigned By – The form must be signed by an insurance company representative to be valid. Some insurance companies do not allow agents to sign this form, some do. Some only allow certain people within the company to sign it. Please check with us before signing if you are not sure.
  9. Liability Amounts – Must complete one of the two areas –
    1. The Insurance is primary - At least $500,000.00 (US) property damage must be listed. The amount must be written in its entirety (eg 500,000)
    2. The Insurance is excess – If their primary liability insurance does not meet the minimum requirement, you may list an umbrella policy. The two combined must be at least $500,000.00.
  10. The telephone number to call is – please enter the telephone number for the person signing the form.