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Ashtabula County

Ashtabula County contains an ODOT full-service maintenance garage and five outposts. For addresses, see the listing below.

Serving the communities of Ashtabula, Conneaut, Geneva, Andover, Geneva-on-the-Lake, Jefferson, North Kingsville, Orwell, Roaming Shores, and Rock Creek, the garage and outposts support maintenance functions in the county. ODOT maintenance crews are responsible for pothole patching, roadside mowing, snow and ice operations, litter control, and other routine maintenance operations on state, federal, and interstate highways.

For more information about ODOT District 4, which serves six counties in northeast Ohio including Ashtabula County, visit the district home page.


Ashtabula County garage

492 Seven Hills Road, Ashtabula, OH 44004

Phone: 440-997-2276

Conneaut outpost

879 Center Road, Conneaut, OH 44030

Dorset outpost

2325 State Route 193, Dorset, OH 44032

Harpersfield outpost

5420 Township Road, Geneva, OH 44041

Rome outpost

5451 State Route 45, Rome, OH 44085

Williamsfield outpost

5820 U.S. 322, Williamsfield, OH 44093