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Branding and Identity Guidelines

Branding and Identity Guidelines

Our branding and identity guidelines are the foundation to communicating ODOT’s message consistently, professional, and with purpose. Please abide by the following usage guidelines for ODOT's logos and branding assets.

ODOT Zephyr

The Zephyr

The Zephyr is the most visible and valuable of our brand’s assets. It can stand alone or be used in conjunction with other identifiers. It is most appropriate for general correspondence, fliers, internal business documents, reports and presentations.

The Zephyr should not be used for formal contracts or on official government forms. Any use of The Zephyr to replace a letter in a word must be approved by the Division of Communications.

The Zephyr files

The ODOT Wordmark

The Wordmark

The Wordmark is slightly more formal than The Zephyr. Its size and shape make it best for use on business cards, reports, and at the top of documents when the use of letterhead is not appropriate.

The Wordmark also looks great on digital and print publications when presented in white over an approved solid color background.

Do not use the Wordmark next to headline text that also says “Ohio Department of Transportation.” It also is not usually appropriate for social media.

The Wordmark files


The Zephyr-DOT

The Zephyr-DOT is most appropriate for internal announcements and digital platforms such as email newsletters and mass-communications, social media, video and web-based materials.

It also is great for ODOT swag and printed giveaways. It should never be used for formal contracts, official business documents, or on official government forms.

Questions about when to use the Zephyr-DOT? Contact the Division of Communications.

The Zephyr-DOT files

The ODOT Seal

The Seal

The Seal should be reserved for very formal business functions, contracts, and to identify ODOT-owned equipment and facilities.

It is not appropriate to use the seal in emails, most publications, presentations, social media, video, web-based materials, or on printed giveaways.

The Seal usage

The use of The Seal should always be pre-approved by the Office of the Director and the Division of Communications.

Request use of the Seal here