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Common Concerns and Contacts

Have a question or comment about the state transportation system in your area? Oftentimes, concerns can be addressed through regional district offices and local maintenance garages. Let us point you in the right direction!

Highway maintenance concerns

For highway maintenance concerns, including dead animal removal, drainage issues, litter removal, potholes, and snow and ice operations, contact the ODOT garage in your county. To find contact information for the ODOT garage nearest you, click here.

Property damage

To file a claim for property damage resulting from highway defects or debris on a state, federal, or interstate highway, complete the online form here.


The Adopt-A-Highway program allows groups to volunteer their time to clean up litter along a section of highway. For more information on the Adopt-A-Highway program and to contact the coordinator in your area, click here.


Ohio contains over 27,000 bridges – the second-largest bridge inventory of all states in the U.S. For more information on Ohio bridge maintenance programs, visit the Programs gateway and filter results by "Bridge and Road." With additional questions or concerns about Ohio bridge conditions, contact a local ODOT bridge engineer.


To search and apply for current ODOT job openings, click here. With questions regarding employment and applications, call a local ODOT human resources department.


ODOT projects can impact individuals, communities, and the environment. With environmental concerns around upcoming or current ODOT projects, contact a local ODOT environmental coordinator.


ODOT supports many specialized programs to build and maintain the state transportation system. For funding information on individual programs, visit the Programs gateway and filter results by "Funding."

Highway safety

Each ODOT district manages highway safety concerns, including requests for signage and speed studies, within its regional jurisdiction. For a list of local highway safety program coordinators, click here.

Paint the Plow

Many regional districts host annual Paint the Plow contests, which allow local schools to paint an ODOT snowplow blade with a message of safety, patriotism, or school pride. For more information and a list of local coordinators, click here.


Work along state right-of-way, including driveway access and drainage work, may require a permit. For utility and right-of-way permits, please click here. For information on special hauling permits, click here.

Real estate

ODOT projects may affect adjacent property owners. For more information on real estate and state right-of-way, contact a local ODOT real estate administrator.

Safe Routes to School

The Safe Routes to School program funds safety improvements and educational programs to support active transportation, like walking and biking, to and from school buildings. For more information on the Safe Routes to School program, contact a local coordinator.

State maps

The Ohio Department of Transportation produces a new state map every four years. For high-quality digital proofs of the most recent map and other map resources, click here. To request free printed copies of the map, complete the online form here.