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Roadway Defects and Damage Claims

Roadway Defects and Damage Claims

Please refer to this chart to determine the proper jurisdiction for your area of concern.

The Ohio Department of Transportation is responsible for the state system of roads, which includes all interstates, as well as federal and state routes outside of municipalities.

If you have noticed and/or have experienced damage to your vehicle on a state system roadway as a result of a pothole or debris on the road, please use the green LAUNCH button on this page to fill out a reporting form with information about the incident. Your information will be forwarded along to a local ODOT district office for attention.

Once the Defect or Damage Incident Report is submitted, ODOT will contact you via email if provided, or alternatively telephone, within the next two (2) business days to let you know what entity to contact to file a claim.  If the claim is in ODOT's maintenance jurisdiction, your claim must be filed with the Ohio Court of Claims.  If the claim is in an entity's maintenance jurisdiction other than ODOT, contact that entity and follow the process the entity specifies.

To report a defect or damage incident to ODOT:

  • Please use the green LAUNCH button to access the form. Select options and provide information to the Ohio Department of Transportation about the location and incident.
  • Providing us with detailed and precise information regarding the reported location – especially the county, route and time – is important and helpful to the process.
  • Consult ODOT's map resources or other online mapping resources such as Bing Maps, Google Maps or Mapquest to help identify location details. 

Please use the chart at the top of this page to determine if ODOT is the proper authority to contact regarding your concern. If the identified location is on a local or municipal roadway and not on the state system, you should first try to contact the specific agency (city, county, township, etc.) with jurisdiction for that location.

If the claim is ODOT's, claims must be filed with the Ohio Court of Claims. Click here to visit the Ohio Court of Claims website for more information on the claims process.

​​Thank you for your help in identifying and addressing roadway issues and concerns.