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Emergency Operations

The Emergency Operations section of the Ohio Department of Transportation manages and coordinates ODOT’s statewide response to disasters both natural and manmade. The coordinator is assigned to the State Emergency Operations Center at Ohio EMA and is the lead for all emergency support functions related to transportation issues.  ODOT is one component in the State Emergency Operations Plan that requires a multi-agency all hazards response to emergencies with emphasis on public safety and keeping our roadways open for traffic.

The emergency response coordinator also acts as a liaison with Ohio Fire, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and other response agencies to facilitate efficient resolution of transportation related emergency issues along with providing Incident Command Systems (ICS) training for the agency as a whole.

  • Agencies and programs currently supported by the Office of Emergency Operations are:
  • State Emergency Response Commission (SERC)
  • Strategic Analysis & Information Center (SAIC)
  • Critical Infrastructure/Key Resource Asset Protection Program (CAPTAP)
  • Automated Critical Asset Management System (ACAMS)
  • Ohio Amber Alert Steering Committee
  • Ohio Operation Lifesaver Railroad Safety Counsel
  • Strategic National Stockpile transportation coordination
  • Co-Chair Ohio’s QuickClearance Traffic Incident Management Program
  • Ohio Emergency Management Agency, ESF #1 coordinator
  • DOT Homeland Security liaison with Ohio Department of Public Safety

Emergency Operations also conducts regular statewide training and exercises with ODOT’s field operations staff to insure ODOT is ready, willing and able to effectively respond to any potential disaster event.