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Central Office Mail Stop Numbers

ODOT CO Mailstop EnvelopIn an effort to maximize security and to improve efficiency, The Ohio Department of Transportation has officially changed the process in which mail is to be received at the 1980 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43223, Central Office location. All mail/packages sent to the 1980 West Broad Street Central Office location must have a corresponding Mail Stop number included in the address. This will ensure that all mail/packages will be processed in a timely manner, remove any security risks, and reduce the need for returning any mail back to the original sender.

Please make the correction listed below to your company’s mailing address list:
Ohio Department of Transportation
Insert: Division and/or Office and/or Section
Insert name  
Mail Stop # Insert Mail Stop #
1980 West Broad Street
Columbus OH. 43223

A complete list of Central Office Employee Mail Stop numbers can be found below.

Mailstop details for individual Central Office employees may also be obtained by searching the following ODOT directory: http://www.odotonline.org/phone/

Please note that only ODOT's Central Office uses this convention, and that it is not used for ODOT District recipients.