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ODOT Sponsors Surveys & Studies

In order to better understand current transportation system usage and plan for future trends and needs, the department is actively collecting information from Ohioans as part of ongoing efforts known as the Ohio Moves Transportation Study and the Ohio Statewide Transportation Preference Survey.  You're input is important, please participate! View the tabs for more details on each effort. 


The Ohio Moves Transportation Study

This initiative is being conducted on behalf of ODOT by industry-recognized independent research firms and universities. These entities specialize in selecting and gathering data from statistically valid participants using strictly private and confidential methods. All reports produced protect the anonymity and privacy of respondents.

ODOT truly appreciates your input if you are asked to participate, but the department also recognizes and understands that you may be concerned regarding the legitimacy and security of these research efforts. For further information about the surveys, please feel free to reach out to the contacts provided with your material or on this page.

Here is an example of look of the survey materials the department is currently sponsoring:
Ohio Moves Toledo Sample Card

Below are details on the location and timing of the activities.

This study is being conducted over multiple years, with regional concentrations each year. See the map for details:


Ohio Statewide Transportation Preference Survey

Did you know that Ohio has one of the largest, most extensive transportation systems in the country? The State of Ohio has:

  • Over 123,000 miles of roads,
  • Over 42,000 bridges, and
  • Over 1,000 miles of paved bicycle paths

ODOT is charged with maintaining and updating a large portion of this transportation network.  However, to do our job, we need to know what our customers need.  This is where you come in.

You may have received a text message or a letter/survey recently indicating you were randomly selected to participate in ODOT’s Transportation Preference Survey.  We need feedback from people around Ohio on a variety of emerging transportation topics like: electric vehicles, connected and autonomous vehicles, walking, biking, transit, working from home and many others.

Please do participate using the two options mentioned in the letter to complete the survey. Submit the survey by mail using the included postage paid envelope, or complete the survey online at the following  website: https://odotsurvey.com/ AVAILABLE NOW!  Please choose only one option.

Here is a sample of the text and printed survey for reference:
text message sampleHere is a sample of what the printed survey for reference.

If you have any questions about ODOT’s Transportation Preference Survey, please contact ETC Institute at (888) 801-5368. Thank you in advance for your time.  Your feedback is extremely valuable and will shape the future of Ohio’s transportation system.