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Transportation Asset Management Vision & Goals

Transportation Asset Management Vision & Goals


The Transportation Asset Management (TAM) Strategic Plan has been developed to provide a strategic direction inclusive of roles and responsibility for the Ohio Department of Transportation and its business partners. The plan will define the Agency's goals and objectives regarding the management of our physical assets and their respective performance.


  1. Adopt a Transportation Asset Management policy as the Department’s business process for managing critical assets and making capital investment decisions.
  2. Establish an Asset Management oversight group to direct the respective Central Office Divisions to establish and lead Asset Task Committees to determine statewide standards, procedures, and formats for a centralized asset inventory database.
  3. Develop a centralized Asset Management platform for integration of all asset inventory databases to reside in a Geo-Spatial environment tied to the Base Transportation Referencing System.
  4. Mandate the collection of asset data directly related to supporting a “Safety First” philosophy in all aspects of transportation system development and operation.
  5. Leverage existing resource and new innovative technologies to enhance asset inventory collection with improved safety, efficiency, and data quality.
  6. Implement management systems around critical assets, with a focus on developing an integrated asset management process.
  7. Require as-built plans for all future projects and establish a work order based asset inventory updating process to ensure that the centralized asset database remains updated.
  8. Utilize the Department’s Research and Development Program to support Transportation Asset Management activities.