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Airports and Heliports

airplane-mapOhio has 176 public use aviation facilities. Publicly owned airports are in 84 of Ohio's 88 counties, and Ohio has 8 commercial airports which generate $13.3 billion in total GDP.

Airport System By the Numbers

  • 176 public use airports and heliports
  • 2 public use seaplane landing areas
  • 633 private airports and heliports
  • 123,456 jobs
  • $4.2 billion in total payroll
  • $13.3 billion in total economic impact

2A7 Heliport

2A7 is a public use heliport in a secured area of ODOT property in Columbus. Prior coordination is required to use the heliport. For more information, click here.

Commercial Airports in Ohio

Ohio contains several commercial service airports for passengers and cargo. For a full list of phone numbers and website links for commercial airports, visit TourismOhio.

Airport Registration, Construction, and Alteration Forms