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Serpent Mound in Adams, County. The world's largest surviving mound in the shape of a an animal from the prehistoric era.

The Archaeology Unit of the Cultural Resources Section of the Office of Environmental Services is responsible for the identification and consideration of impacts of federally funded undertakings on archaeological properties, sites, or districts that are listed on, or may be eligible for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. The Archaeology Unit is charged with documented archaeological resources, as well as implementing locational (reconnaissance) surveys, archaeological resource assessment surveys, and archaeological data recovery (mitigation) plans. Since Archaeological properties, sites, and districts vary significantly in terms of their formation and expression, an interdisciplinary approach incorporating ecological, geological, geographical and historical data is applied working with the Office of Environmental Services to enhance project planning and implementation, to efficiently coordinate the consultant review process, and to engage potentially interested parties, while providing proper management for Ohio’s cultural resources on all of ODOT's transportation projects.

Projects of Interest

Encountering the Shakers of the North Family Lot, Union Village, Ohio

Explore a 4-volume monograph series that takes you inside an archaeological dig of significant importance to Ohio's historical record.

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Grant's Birthplace Archaeological Report

Limited Archaeological testing within the 18th President Ulysses S. Grant's Birthplace and Grant commemorative sites historic district in Point Pleasant, Monroe Township, Clermont County, for the proposed repair and replacement of gutters and sidewalk along State Route 232 and Back Street.

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