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ODOT EnviroNet is an online documentation system for review, approval and storage of environmental documentation collected during the environmental engineering phase of a transportation project. All transportation projects require some documentation to ensure compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) which requires ODOT to assess the effects to the environment for transportation projects. 

ODOT EnviroNet requires a signon and is a system accessed by ODOT partners. However, the public is welcome to view the final reports for ODOT projects from the Approved Environmental Documents site.

EnviroNet Guidance

NEPA Assignment Categorical Exclusion Guidance

Guidance for Re-evaluation of NEPA Documents

ODOT NEPA File Management Guidance

Advisory Cultural Resources Tab

EnviroNet Project File Management Procedures

Environmental Consultation Form Guidance

Cultural Resources Tab Enhancement Guidance

Ecological Survey Report (ESR) Quick Start Guide

Instructions for Starting and Finalizing an ESR in EnviroNet

EnviroNet Re-Evaluation Procedures

MyODOT Registration for EnviroNet

EnviroNet Update Phase 4 Release 4

Section 106 Tribal Consultation Guidance