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Prequalification Requirements for Environmental Services

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All consultants wishing to perform work on ODOT transportation projects are expected to have complied with ODOT's Prequalification Requirements. If you wish to work on ODOT-sponsored projects but you have not prequalified with the department, visit the Office of Consultant Services website for procedures, guidelines and forms to help you complete the first part of the prequalification process.

Prequalification Requirements for ODOT Consultants Working on Environmental Services Projects

The Office of Environmental Services has identified 11 disciplines requiring prequalification that fall into the categories of environmental document preparation:

  1. Environmental Document Preparation - EA/EIS
  2. Environmental Document Preparation - CE
  3. Environmental Document Preparation - Section 4(f)
  4. Ecological Surveys
  5. Stream and Wetland Mitigation
  6. Waterway Permits
  7. Air Quality Analysis
  8. Noise Analysis and Abatement Design
  9. Archaeological Investigations
  10. History/Architectural Investigations
  11. Regulated Materials Review

These environmental disciplines have specialized documentation requirements and are a part of the interdisciplinary expertise approach to transportation decision-making described in ODOT’s transportation process manuals and guidelines.