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Reuseable Bridges
Reuseable Bridges

Pony Truss Camelback Rivited Bridge, Muskingum County

In keeping with the national effort to preserve historic bridges, ODOT has a designated list of reuseable bridges available for reuse.

Relocation, Reassembly Costs

If a bridge cannot be sold and a recipient accepts donation of the bridge, the recipient can be reimbursed for costs incurred in such activities as relocation, site preparation, reassembly, etc. costs eligible for reimbursement to preserve a historic bridge which is no longer used on a public road shall not exceed the estimated cost of demolition.

Costs incurred by the State to preserve a historic bridge (including funds made available to the State, locality or private entity to enable it to accept the bridge) shall be eligible as reimbursable project costs under this chapter in a amount not to exceed the cost of demolition.

Please visit the following sites for more information:

Click the green launch button for ODOT's list of available reuseable bridges and bridges preserved.