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Local Major Bridge Program & Guidance

Local Major Bridge Program & Guidance

Charles Berry Memorial Bridge, Lorain

The Local Major Bridge Program provides Federal funds to counties and municipalities for bridge replacement or major bridge rehabilitation projects. A Local Major Bridge is defined as a moveable bridge or a bridge having a deck area greater than 35,000 square feet. ODOT will provide up to 80% of eligible costs for construction and construction engineering only. There is a maximum of $20,000,000 per project. Currently there are 54 bridges identified statewide as Local Major Bridges.

To be eligible for funds, projects must have a General Appraisal of 4 or less or legally posted for load restriction. The project must also be open to vehicular traffic and structurally deficient.


Local Programs staff maintain and update guidelines and forms regularly to assist local public agencies with the Local Major Bridge Program funding process.

Download the latest version of the guidance document below:

Local Major Bridge Guidelines