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Township Safety Sign Grant Program
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Creating a safety sign in the ODOT sign shop

Each year, ODOT's Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) provides $1 million dollars in funding to upgrade safety signage on Ohio's Township Roadways. Townships are invited to apply for the safety funding based on the following criteria:

Ranked among the top townships with above average, systemwide crash rates based on their previous five years crash history, and Have not previously received a Township Sign Safety Grant under this program. This program allows townships to request safety signage along with related posts and hardware, to upgrade existing or install additional safety signage in a systemic manner across the township's entire roadway system. The limit per request, per township, is $50,000 (fifty thousand dollars).

All Townships who plan to submit an application during this funding cycle complete the three eLearning modules as described in the instructions below in the "Documents" section.  The modules take two hours to complete and there is no cost to complete them. 

Guidance Documents 

Auditor of State Bulletin 2000-008 Accounting for Cash Basis Local Governments' Participation in On-Behalf-Of Grants or Improvement Projects

Township Safety Signage Grant eLearning Modules

ODOT Township Sign Grant Application 2020 Formstack Template