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Local Programs is made up of three distinct efforts that work together to provide services, assistance and consultation to local government agencies. Those efforts are categorized as follows:

Local-Let Process - The funding activity process is subject to state and federal laws and guidelines. Local Programs staff are subject matter experts in the laws and guidelines that govern these different categories and types of funds. They administer the process by assisting, monitoring and determining the best actions associated with a local transportation project.

Local Funding Opportunities - There are different types of funding to match different types of transportation projects. Local Programs staff take responsibility of certain local funding opportunities by promoting the funding program, administering the application process and determining the awards based on criteria publicly presented.

Local Technical Assistance (LTAP) - LTAP supports local government and ODOT staff by providing training and technical assistance in the areas of safety, workforce development, infrastructure management and organizational excellence. For example, when an LPA wants to solicit a local funding opportunity, they can take LPA Qualification Process training administered by LTAP to prepare them for the local-let process.

Andrea Stevenson
Local Programs Administrator

Jeff Peyton
Local Projects Manager

Victoria Beale
Local Technical Assistance Program Manager

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