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APWA Pavement Condition Assessment Panel Discussion - Central Ohio Municipalities
Start: Thursday, June 17, 2021
End: Thursday, June 17, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

For many municipalities, pavement condition assessment is an annual effort to identify which roads need fixed. Ahead of the fixing, communities do some form of assessment that may include determining the pavement condition rating through close evaluation of the roadway condition. Following which, the municipality will determine what the best fix is which may include mill/fill; spot repair; full replacement; or applying a surface treatment such as a slurry seal, chip and seal, micro surfacing, fog seal, etc.

Our panelists are from communities around central Ohio and will discuss their pavement maintenance programs and how they evaluate their roadways, what their cycle is for moving through the roads within their corporation limits, how they chose which pavement maintenance method to implement, and more. Once the panelists have an opportunity to give an overview of their programs we will move into a Q&A session where the attendees AICP CM Logo - 1 Hour.will have a chance to focus in on specific components of our panelists' programs.

Speakers: Cindi Fitzpatrick, Public Service Director - City of Grove City; Jim Lenner, Village Manager - Village of Johnstown; Jeff Barnhart, GIS Administrator - City of Upper Arlington.

Please feel free to send any advance questions to Joshua.Ford@Burgessniple.com.

Registration Information – There is no registration fee for this session.