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Ohio Maritime Strategy
Ohio Maritime Strategy

Ohio River barge


Ohio's Maritime Strategy informs the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) as it seeks to leverage Ohio's maritime transportation system (MTS) to enable economic competitiveness and growth. In developing the strategy, ODOT intended to answer the following questions:

  1. What asset and services comprise Ohio's MTS?
  2. Who are the existing and potential users of Ohio's MTS?
  3. What are options for ODOT's role in maritime freight transportation, including policies, plans, and actions?

The Strategy

Download the document that resulted from the Ohio Maritime Study:

Ohio Maritime Strategy

The Working Papers

Download the working papers that support the conclusions laid out in the Ohio Maritime Strategy:

Working Paper 1 - Ohio's Maritime Transportation System (MTS)

Working Paper 2 - Governance of Ohio's MTS

Working Paper 3 - Role of MTS in Ohio Economy

Working Paper 4 - MTS Demand and Associated Requirements

Working Paper 5 - Options for Expanding Use of Ohio MTS

Working Paper 6 - MTS Support Programs in Other Jurisdictions

Working Paper 7 - Ohio MTS Strategy