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Discussion Forum

Welcome to the ORIL Idea Discussion Site. This site provides those interested in local-focused transportation research an opportunity to share ideas, discuss issues and provide input on topics that could potentially become research projects in the future.

Why have an ORIL Discussion Forum?

The purpose is to encourage conversations about transportation issues that are important to local public agencies (LPAs). The goal is that through these discussions, potential research projects could be developed. Discussions can range from very specific items (e.g.: pony truss system inspections) to best practices (e.g.: snow and ice control) to general topics of interest (e.g.: connected/autonomous vehicles). While the primary focus and driving forces may differ amongst LPAs statewide, there is some commonality in the transportation issues all LPAs encounter. By discussing these items, opportunities to address them may become more evident. This could lead to more refined research idea submissions to the ORIL Board.

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate in the ORIL Idea Discussion Site. It is open to representatives from local public agencies, state agencies, federal agencies, consultants, academia, contractors, industry, associations, and planning organizations.

How does it work?

Use the links at the bottom of the page to either start a discussion or see and comment on active discussions. Complete the easy-to-use form and hit submit. Some basic contact information is requested just in case there is an error in the form submission (e.g.: character limit is reached and text is incomplete) and for internal tracking purposes to determine which groups (e.g.: local, state, academic, associations, consultants, etc.) utilize the site most. The actual postings to the site will be anonymous! No names or affiliations will appear on the site.  The site will be updated with new discussions and comments on the first and third Fridays of each month.

What’s the catch?

This site is not for the formal submission of research ideas to the ORIL Board for funding consideration. The annual research idea solicitation process will still occur. Only ideas submitted through that process will be considered for inclusion in ORIL’s program. For additional information on the idea solicitation process, check out the ORIL Guidebook.


To formally submit an idea to the Board for funding consideration, visit Submit an Idea.