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ORIL Guidebook
Photo of road work in District 11

This guidebook provides an overview of Ohio's Research Initiative for Locals (ORIL) program and information on the development and operation of the program. Evaluation criteria utilized for the prioritization of research ideas and selection of researchers are detailed herein along with standard forms and submission instructions.

Access the Guidebook under Attachment.

Forms for TAC and Researcher Use

ORIL Research Idea Criteria


ORIL Proposal Formatting Requirements (PDF)

ORIL Report Formatting Requirements (Word)

ORIL Fact Sheet Template (Word)

Project Change Request Form (Web Form)

ORIL TAC Acknowledgement Form (PDF)

Guidebook Reference Documents

ORIL Annual Calendar

ORIL Board Standard Operating Procedures

ORIL Strategic Research Plan (PDF)

ORIL Research Idea Scoring Criteria (Word)

ORIL Proposal Scoring Criteria (Excel)

Peer Exchange Reports

ODOT Research Manual & Forms (PDF)

ODOT Standard Research Agreements

Commerical Organization On Call WITH Federal Funding
Commerical Organization WITH Federal Funding
Commericial Organziation WITHOUT Federal Funding
Educational Organization On Call WITH Federal Funding
Educational Organziation WITH Federal Funding

Educational Organization WITHOUT Federal Funding