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Doing Business with ODOT

Learn how DBE, EDGE, and MBE firms can do business with ODOT below. Click the yellow DOWNLOAD button to view this information in a .PDF presentation.

About ODOT

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) supports the state highway system and promotes transportation initiatives statewide. As a more than $3 billion per year enterprise, ODOT invests the bulk of its resources in system preservation through maintenance, construction, and snow and ice operations.

  • What Does ODOT Build?
    • Highways, roads, and bridges
      • ODOT maintains and repairs what we have!
  • Who Builds for ODOT?
    • Prequalified Contractors
    • Prequalified Subcontractors

Transportation Projects - Construction Opportunities

ODOT highway projects may have:

  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Goals
    • Federally Funded Highway Project
  • Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Set-Aside
    • Federally Funded Highway Project
  • Encouraging Diversity, Growth & Equity (EDGE) Goals
    • State Funded Highway Project

Find Construction Opportunities

Highlighted area of bid letting link

  • Typically 2 Bid Lettings Pamphlets per month
  • 1-60 projects per Letting
  • 800+ projects yearly

Bid letting dates

  • Click date to open Letting
    • Letting Cover Page
      • Date on Letting is due date
      • Bid Deadline: 10 a.m. Electronically
    • Index of Projects
      • Will display if there are goals or set-aside.
      • D – DBE Goal (Federally Funded Project)
      • S – SBE Set-Aside (Federally Funded Project)
      • E –EDGE Goal (State Funded Project)

Index of projects example

  • Review projects in Letting; note:
    • Project Number
    • PID Number
    • Goal (if any)
    • Short project description
    • Project Section (Work Types)
    • Identify projects that your firm can provide services

Project letting

Found a Project. Now What?

  • Return to ODOT's Contacts website.
  • Scroll to Bidding Documents, then click Bidding Documents Listing.

Bidding documents link

  • Identify Project # or PID # that contains services your firm provides
  • Review: Planholders, Addenda (any updates to project), Plans, Proposal

Bidding documents example

  • Review Planholders List to identify Contractors that have purchased plans
  • Contact Primes to submit a quote for project
    • 250+ Prime contractors are registered bidders
  • Ask how you can become a supplier to their firm.

Prime contractor listing example

  • Review all Addenda (revisions/updates to project), if there are multiple documents
  • Review the Plans online
  • Become familiar with ODOT Plans and Specifications


  • Review the Proposal online
  • Proposal Notes (PN) highlights:
    • PN13 – DBE Utilization & Good Faith Efforts
    • PN31 – Prompt Payment
    • PN22 – EDGE Requirements
    • PN61 – Wage Scale on all Federal Projects
    • PN60 – Prevailing Wages on State Projects

Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Set-Aside Projects

  • See upcoming SBE set-aside projects by visiting ODOT's SBE Set-Aside Projects webpage.
  • Your firm must be SBE certified and prequalified with ODOT at the time of bid.
  • The SBE certified contractor awarded the project will be the prime contractor for the project and must self-perform at least 30% of the work on the project.

Transportation Projects - Consultant Services

Find Consultant Services Opportunities

  • Visit ODOT's Consultant Services website and look for the Future Programmatic Program.
  • Programmatics are issued 3 times per year, they may include:
    • DBE or EDGE Goals
    • DBE or EDGE Development Goals
    • SBE Set-Aside Goal
  • Subconsultants will need appropriate Consultant Prequalification
  • DBE Subconsultant will also need correct NAICS Code

Find Procurement Opportunities - Contracts

  • Visit ODOT's Purchasing Contracts website and view:
    • Upcoming ITBs (Invitation to Bid)
    • Upcoming RFPs (Requests For Proposals) and RFIs (Request for Information)
    • Current Contracts (will contain information for MBE Contracts)

procurement opportunities in contracts

  • Upcoming ITBs:
    • Review InvitationURL to see bid information
    • Note DtOpen
    • Review PriceURL
  • Upcoming RFPs and RFIs:
    • Review InvitationURL to see bid information
    • Review Addenda (updates to bid information)
    • Note DtOpen
  • Current Contracts:
    • Review Invitation No. to see bid information
    • Note Dates Contract Begins and Ends
    • Review Award Tab (opens in Excel; incudes current vendors on contract, pricing)
    • MBE Set-Aside contracts start with “800” numbers; usually found on Page 2
    • MBE firms don’t limit your bids to Set-Aside contracts only

Find Procurement Opportunities - Non-Contract

ODOT’s IonWave system is for non-contract vendor bid purchases up to $50,000

  • Can view current, closed, awarded, and non-awarded opportunities
  • Register as a supplier to automatically receive bid opportunities
  • No certifications are needed to respond to bids
  • This site is separate from the State of Ohio Supplier website and application
  • Please note: CSB - Competitive Sealed Bid


You must be registered in the State of Ohio Supplier Portal to receive payment from ODOT / state agencies.

  • This site is separate from ODOT’s IonWave registration.

Construction Materials

  • Visit ODOT's Materials Management website and click the Certified Producers and Suppliers link.
    • Review Specification to see ODOT’s required specs for specific supplies
    • See Certified Suppliers to see what companies are listed on the supplier list

materials management

Facilities Projects