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District Pavement & Bridge Preservation

District Pavement & Bridge Preservation


The pavement and bridge preservation program were created to provide funding for the preservation and rehabilitation of the Priority, Urban and General System pavements and the state-maintained bridge structures.  The goal of the department’s preservation program funding process is to maintain pavements and bridges at “steady state” conditions, or a relatively low and stable level of deficiencies where a predictable rate of preventive maintenance and regular repairs can efficiently sustain the system conditions 


For pavements, funding is driven by conditions goals and based on treatment strategies provided by the department’s pavement management system.

For bridges, funding is provided to address deficiencies in one or more of the bridge condition categories (General Appraisal, Floor Condition, Wearing Surface or Paint Condition). Bridge preservation needs are calculated based on a comparison of current and forecasted bridge conditions vs. bridge conditions goals.


Preliminary engineering, right of way and construction phases of the following types of projects are eligible.

  • Priority and General System Pavements – Surface treatments and minor rehabilitation as defined by the Office of Pavement Engineering.
  • ODOT Maintained Bridges – Preventive maintenance, rehabilitation, replacement and removal as defined by the Office of Structural Engineering.
  • Project Related Costs – Maintenance of traffic, drainage roadway excavation, etc.
  • Urban System Pavements – Preventive maintenance and non-structural overlays as defined by the Office of Pavement Engineering. ODOT does not participate in curbs, gutters, utility relocations and other non-surface items. 

Program Oversight

The Division of Finance and the offices of Systems Planning & Program Management, Structural Engineering, Pavement Engineering, and Estimating coordinate and collaborate on technical and financial aspects of the preservation program to ensure that the program funds are spent on eligible items and program goals are achieved.