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Federal Lands Access Program

Federal Lands Access Program


The Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) provides funding for roads and other facilities which improve access to Federal lands under the jurisdiction of a Federal Land Management Agency (FLMA). FLMAs include, but are not limited to:

  • The National Park Service
  • The USDA Forest Service
  • The United States Fish and Wildlife Service
  • The Bureau of Land Management
  • The United States Army Corps of Engineers
  • Other Federal agencies such as the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, etc.


Total available funding is approximately $800,000 annually. The federal participation rate is 80%.


Eligible activities include research, engineering, preventive maintenance, rehabilitation, restoration, construction, and reconstruction of federal lands access transportation facilities located on or adjacent to, or that provide access to, federal land, and

  • adjacent vehicular parking areas
  • acquisition of necessary scenic easements and scenic or historic sites
  • provisions for pedestrians and bicycles
  • environmental mitigation in or adjacent to Federal land to improve public safety and reduce  vehicle-caused wildlife mortality while maintaining habitat connectivity
  • onstruction and reconstruction of roadside rest areas, including sanitary and water facilities
  • other appropriate public road facilities
  • operation and maintenance of transit facilities

Application Process

Projects are selected through an annual application process administered by the Eastern Federal Lands Highway Divisions (EFLHD) of FHWA in conjunction with ODOT and the County Engineer’s Association of Ohio (CEAO).

Selection Process

Projects are selected by a Programming Decisions Committee (PDC) comprised of representatives from EFLHD, ODOT and CEAO. Candidate projects must be supported and endorsed by the appropriate Federal Land Management Agency (FLMA) with jurisdiction over the land to which the proposed project serves.