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Geologic Site Management Program

Geologic Site Management Program

Route 7 near Wellsville, Ohio along the Ohio River


Provides construction funding for the remediation of landslide, rock fall, underground mine, erosion and sinkhole sites on the state highway system. Eligible activities include both preventive site mitigation and reactive repair.


Funding is allocated annually by ODOT's Fund Management Committee. Program funding is $19 million for state fiscal year (SFY) 2020 and another $19 million for SFY 2021. The federal participation rate is up to 90% for projects on the Interstate System and up to 80% for all other roadways.


Each District has developed a Geologic Site Inventory. Each site on the inventory will be evaluated to determine if the site is a viable project.  Consideration will also be given to proactive repair work versus reactive repair work. Slips and Land Slides by their very nature tend to become more severe and costly as time passes. Work that could be completed on slips in their early stages could be completed at a fraction of the cost of the work that would be needed after a catastrophic failure.

Application Process

The Office of Program Management sends a program announcement to ODOT District offices annually in June. The deadline for receiving applications is late August. Projects are typically selected in November.

Selection Process

Projects will be reviewed and selected by the Geologic Site Management Committee. The committee consists of the Office of Geotechnical Engineering, Office of Program management and District representation. The committee will consider the cost effectiveness, public safety and project delivery when allocating funding.