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Major Rehab Program

Major Rehab Program


The purpose of the Priority System Major Rehabilitation Program (MR) is to provide funding for major rehabilitation projects on the priority system which restore the structural integrity and functional characteristics of the pavement. Acceptable strategies for pavement treatment include full depth pavement replacement (with rigid or flexible pavement), rubblize and roll, crack and seat, and un-bonded concrete overlays. 


The program is allocated $200 million each year in order to repair or replace poor performing pavements and/or bridges along the multi-lane priority system throughout the state.


MR funds can be used for preliminary engineering, environmental, detailed design, right-of-way, and construction phases.

Project costs may include rehabilitation activities along mainline bridges, overhead bridges, right of way, utilities, and roadway elements.

Selection Criteria

The program manager provides the districts with an analysis of the roadway showing the historical conditions and flags locations of interest which indicate potential issues along the pavement sections. The districts and various central office departments review the information and may provide further insight which may influence the projects which are selected for the program.

These projects will improve the overall condition of the priority system, reduce the maintenance efforts, improve safety, and bring the roadway up to current standards.