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These are general frequently asked questions. For clarifications specific to current Request for Proposals, access from the RFP page.

Yes. However, it is required that submissions from non-Ohio based agencies include an Ohio-based subcontractor or partner having at least 20% of the total project cost or labor.

We do not indicate cost in the RFP, because we want researchers to develop a thorough, reasonable work plan without being restrained by cost. Once you develop your proposal, you should have a good idea of the budget based on your work plan, methodologies, testing, etc. There is not a set amount of funding for this project.​

Visit the Request for Proposals page for current submission deadline details.

We do have restrictions on non-US based firms and/or staff of a subconsultant partner. There is a state executive order, 2019-12D, that says services provided outside of the US are no permissible using public funds.

Yes, however it is up to the department whether or not that will be provided.

This is referring to the individual at your organization who has the authority to sign the contract.  This is the person ODOT’s Research Section will coordinate with for executing the contract if you are awarded the project.  For universities, this is typically someone in their Office of Sponsored Programs/Research Services. 




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