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Snow and Ice
We are the standard of excellence for winter maintenance.

Winter maintenance operations are the Ohio Department of Transportation's premier service. Each winter season, our team of highway maintenance professionals are ready to combat any winter conditions Mother Nature brings to Ohio.

Winter weather response is largely managed at a county level. Managers in each of ODOT's county garages take steps to adequately plan and prepare for the approaching winter season. Our comprehensive plan includes equipment readiness, truck routing, call-out procedures, supplemental seasonal drivers, emergency equipment rental, training, and material inventory control.

Winter Maintenance Responsibility

ODOT maintains over 43,000 lane miles of state, federal, and interstate routes. ODOT plows all interstate routes, including through municipalities. However, state and federal routes within municipalities, as well as all local roadways, are under the jurisdiction of local governmental bodies. ODOT does not plow or treat state or federal highways within municipalities, local routes, or private driveways.


State, federal, and interstate routes

For concerns regarding winter maintenance on state or federal highways outside of a municipality, or on interstates, contact your local ODOT garage.


Local routes and routes within municipalities

For concerns regarding winter maintenance within a municipality and on county, township, or other local roadways, contact the local governmental body responsible for the roadway.

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