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Transportation System Performance Report 2020
Anthony Wayne Bridge, Toledo

Anthony Wayne Bridge, Toledo, part of Ohio's transportation system

Transportation planners have long tracked performance data on their roadways, bridges, transit vehicles, sidewalks and other infrastructure in an effort to prioritize the need for repairs, replacement and expansion. Agencies could create custom performance measures that met their unique needs, and could adopt differing methodologies to obtain measurement data. The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has long implemented its own set of performance measures known as its Critical Success Factors.

In 2012, the federal transportation act known as MAP-21 introduced a set of national standards and requirements to the field of performance management (PM). These national standards were clarified and expanded upon in MAP-21’s successor, the FAST Act, as well as in subsequent federal registers and rule makings.

Transportation performance management now adheres to a well-defined and easily repeatable process across all agencies, greatly enhancing the ability to track system performance over time and standardizing reporting for ease of reference.