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RI-367-State Highway System Lane Miles

The RI-367 report is a quick and easy way to view Priority, General, and Urban lane mileages for the State Highway System in Ohio. The report is organized by the 12 Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) districts and by the counties within each district. THIS REPORT IS ONLY FOR THE STATE HIGHWAY SYSTEM IN OHIO.

Report Columns are titled PRIORITY(P) for the ODOT Priority System, GENERAL(G) for theODOT General System, and URBAN(U) for mileage in the ODOT Urban Paving Program. The contents of the PRIORITY and GENERAL columns are added, to produce the first TOTAL column. The contents of the URBAN column are added to this, to produce the second TOTAL column.

The following definitions apply:
Lane Miles: The number of lanes, times the highway length. (eg: a four-lane highway, 10 miles long, has 40 lane-miles.)

Priority System: ODOT_s priority system has two components. The first includes all Functional Class(FC) 1, 11, and 12 roads (Interstate, Urban Freeways and Expressways) in cities with a population of 5,000 or more, as defined by the 2000 Census. The second includes all National Highway System (NHS) routes, and all FC 1, 11, and 12 roads outside these cities.

Urban Paving System: All non-Priority state routes in cities with a population of 5,000 or more, as defined by the 2000 Census. There are no urban paving system routes outside these city boundaries.

General System: All state routes that do not fall into one of the previous categories. There are no general system routes in cities, as they are defined above. There are some state highways that do not fit the formulas above. An exception list is maintained by the Roadway Information Section, Office of Technical Services. The list is for routes that are designated Priority, although by the above definitions they would normally be Urban or General, and the reverse situation, where Urban or General routes would normally seem to fit the Priority definition.