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Roadway Information Manual

Roadway Information Manual

This Roadway Information Manual describes information collected and managed in Ohio Department of Transportation’s Roadway Information System (RIS) that is maintained by the Transportation Information Management Section of the Office of Technical Services. The characteristics that serve to define the roadway are comprised of components referred to as Events and Attributes. These and other terms used in the Manual are described later in this document and defined in the Glossary. The Office of Technical Services is generally responsible for the methodology involving collection, processing, storage, and quality of the various roadway data elements.

Suggestions & Corrections

The Transportation Information Management Section of the Office of Technical Services of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) desires that this document be as useful as possible to those working with collecting and managing roadway information. Your suggestions for improvement, desired additions, and notice of errors or omissions are welcome. Please contact Vikki Hankus at Vikki.Hankus@dot.ohio.gov and remember to include Suggestions to the Roadway Information Manual in the email subject line.

Manual Cover & Table of Contents

For a quick overview and an index of what's inside the manual, download the Cover & Table of Contents.


Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Roadway Data Overview

Chapter 3 - Events and Attributes

Chapter 4 - Highway Performance Monitoring System

Chapter 5 - Data Inventory Process


Appendix A - County Codes

Appendix B - Township Numbers and FIPS Codes

Appendix C - Municipal Numbers and FIPS Codes

Appendix D - Street Name Suffixes and Codes

Appendix E - Glossary of Roadway Inventory Terms

Appendix F - Ohio DOT District Offices and Contact Information

Appendix G - Ohio DOT Office of Technical Services TIMS Contacgt Information

Appendix H - Database Events Cross-Reference Matrix