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Transportation Information Management
Transportation Information Management

The Transportation Information Management Section (formerly GIS/Mapping & Roadway Information) is responsible for collecting, analyzing and disseminating transportation data pertaining to Ohio's roadway system. This involves collecting and maintaining roadway attribute information on all public roads. In addition, this section is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of a comprehensive and integrated Geographic Information System (GIS), incorporating ODOT's Linear Referencing System (LRS).

The following products and services are managed and maintained by Transportation Information Management staff:

  • Centerline Miles, Lane Miles and Vehicle Miles Traveled Report (RI-82B)
  • DESTAPE (RT-02N & RT-02N1)
  • Local Roads Inventory (RI-134A & RI-134B)
  • State Highway System Lane Miles (RI-367)
  • State System Basic Road Inventory (RI-06)
  • System Mileage by Functional Class (RI-339)

Additional programs managed by this staff:

Download the manual that accompanies the roadway data:

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