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Coordinating Transit Projects for Planning

Ohio's transit agencies, MPO’s, and ODOT all play a role in delivering transit projects. Coordina-tion between all 3 stakeholders is particularly important in ensuring that Ellis, MPO TIPs and the STIP are all kept up to date as new projects are selected and existing projects change. This will minimize project coordination issues and project delays.

The following information should be kept current in Ellis, TIPs, and the STIP prior to obligating funds for project planning:

  1. Grantee / Recipient - who is the grant recipient and what agency is receiving the project.
  2. Scope - in Ellis this is the Project Name, Description, ALI Code, and Quantity if applicable.
  3. Funding - in Ellis this is State Fiscal Year that funding will be obligated, Federal funding sources and amounts, State funding sources and amounts, and local funding amount.

ODOT is requesting that the linear process outlined below is followed when new projects are selected or existing projects are updated.

Project Revision Process

STEP 1: Project Selection or Project Update

Grant recipient selects new project or updates the grantee, recipient, scope, or funding of an existing project. Please note this includes changes to state or local funding.

STEP 2: Ellis Updated

Grant recipient fills out ‘Transit Project Update Form’ and emails the ODOT office of Transit and applicable MPOs. ODOT then updates Ellis.

STEP 3: Ellis Data Verification

Every Monday, ODOT posts an ‘Ellis Transit Data’ spreadsheet on the Transit STIP page. Grant recipients should review the spreadsheet to make sure Ellis accurately reflects project data.

STEP 4: MPO TIP Revised

Each MPO should follow their TIP revision procedures and revise TIPs to reflect new projects and/ or project changes. Draft and final TIP Resolutions should be e-mailed to the ODOT Of-fice of Transit and posted to the STIP Coordination Development Site ODOT requests that MPOs verify Ellis data prior to taking TIP action.

STEP 5: STIP Revised

ODOT will revise the STIP per scheduled monthly administrative modifications and quarterly amendments by using Ellis data as verified in Step 4.